10 Amazon Echo Devices You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Amazon Echo continues to expand its compatibility with more devices. As it grows, it’s easy to miss a few of the newer devices along the way. Here are 10 lesser-known Amazon Echo devices you might not know work with Echo.

Amazon Echo Devices

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amazon echo devices

Awair Air Quality


This just became compatible with Echo. It lets you can see how much dust and CO2 is floating in your air with an easy quality score from 0 to 100.

Ford Sync

ford sync

Ask Alexa to start your car for you. You can also ask Alexa how much gas is left or where the car is currently located, which is a nice touch for parents of teenagers.

Haiku Fans

haiku fans

“Alexa, turn the family room fan on.” You can also ask Alexa to turn the fan on a speed 1 through 7. If you have a light installed, say, “Alexa, dim the family room light.”

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat

honeywell thermostat

Honeywell RTH9580WF thermostat just became compatible with Amazon Echo without needing a hub. Raise or lower the temperature with ease.



Tell Alexa to start watering a specific zone or to turn off the sprinklers. You can even say “turn on rain delay” so you don’t waste water when it’s raining.

Scout Alarm

scout alarm

Ask Alexa what mode is currently armed or even say “Alexa, tell Scout that someone broke in,” if you can keep your cool and communicate with Alexa during a break in.



Tell Alexa to open or close your garage door.

TP-Link Smart Plug

tp link

There are more expensive plugs that also work with Amazon Echo, but TP-Link gets the job done for less money. Plug in any small appliance like a coffeemaker, light, or fan. Control it on your phone and set it on a schedule to make life easier.



Want to know how many steps you have taken? Just ask Alexa.

SkyBell HD

skybell hd

Tell Alexa to turn on quiet mode so the indoor chime doesn’t wake the baby. You can also have it start recording video or take a picture of who’s at your door.

There are even more devices that are compatible with Echo found on our Solver. You can browse through and see what things are also are compatible with any of your current devices.

amazon echo devices

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