5 Ways Wemo Insight Switch Makes Life Easier: WeMo Insight Switch Review

You don’t need an expensive robot to make you coffee every morning. The WeMo Insight Switch can do that and more, as we will describe in this WeMo Insight Switch review.

The Insight switch is one of many things in home automation that can change your life for the better. I’ve been testing out the WeMo Insight Switch for a few weeks it’s certainly made my life easier. Not only is it useful to control devices with the app, but the integration of the WeMo Insight with Amazon Echo is so simple and easy.

Did you know that the WeMo Insight Switch can turn on your grill at a certain time each day? While most people use the switch for lights, it’s compatible with just about anything that plugs into a normal outlet switch, which means you can really get creative turning everything in your home into a “smart” device.

We tested a WeMo Insight with Amazon Echo and made a tutorial video with several different appliances around the house, from the kitchen, to the family room, to the bedroom.

I was immediately impressed how quickly WeMo Insight synced up with Echo. Just follow the simple instructions in the WeMo app to set up the switch with your Internet. After it’s connected, go to the Amazon Echo app and you’ll be able to discover the Insight Switch. I’d go into greater detail about steps for setting up WeMo Insight with Amazon Echo, but there are already tons of tutorial videos out there already that can get you started.

Let’s get started on this WeMo Insight Switch Review, with a few ideas of how it makes life easier.

WeMo Insight Switch Review

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There are so many ways you can use WeMo Insight switch to make your life easier, but we listed a few in this WeMo Insight Switch review. I saved my favorite feature for last, so keep an eye out for that!

Set timers to save power (and money).

The WeMo Insight Switch can turn off appliances after a certain amount of time. Within the app, Insight has a Rules tab where you can have appliances run for specific amounts of time, i.e. turn off in 30 minutes. This is especially useful in our house because we have an infant who sleeps to the noise of a box fan. Normally we turn on the fan before bedtime and leave it on all night— sneaking into her room to turn off the fan is a huge risk since she usually wakes right up. But with the WeMo Insight Switch, we can set a rule for the fan to turn off after an hour. We use less energy, while baby sleeps peacefully.

wemo insight with lightLights on, burglars off.

WeMo Insight can automatically turn on lights when the sun goes down. These is an especially unique feature compared to most smart lights where you have to remember to turn them on and off.

When you go on vacation or are out late, it’s almost impossible to remember to turn on a light with the app in your phone. This happens to my family all the time with our smart light at home. We forget to turn on the lights before we leave, and then once we are gone, we totally forget to use the app to turn on the lights. Then we come home to a pitch black house, which is a prime target for burglaries.

You can set your WeMo Insight to turn on a light when the sun goes down and turn it off when the sun comes up. This takes an already smart feature and makes it way more convenient. Lights are very popular with WeMo Insight because sitting down on the couch and telling Amazon Echo to turn off the light is also very useful.

Set a time limit for your kids’ TV.

We all have that kid who is absolutely addicted to the television. By hooking up a WeMo Insight to your TV, you can set a timer to turn off the TV after a certain amount of time. This helps stop your kids from playing too many video games and watching nonstop YouTube. It is a little sad that technology is being used to solve our technology addictions, but that’s the world we live in. When your kids try clicking on the remote to turn it back on, it won’t work. No more arguing, you won this battle! 

wemo insight switch review

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Wake up to hot coffee everyday.

We officially live in a world where a simple $50 switch can make it so you wake up to hot coffee every morning. Just turn on the coffee maker the night before and plug it into the Insight switch. Then set a rule within the WeMo app to have the Insight turn on before you wake up. You’ll be smelling the coffee before your alarm goes off! This concept also works well for turning on heaters and air conditioning units. Warm up your room before getting out of bed, or cool down your living room before getting home. 

Track Energy Usage.

This is definitely my favorite feature of the WeMo Insight! We’ve all opened the power bill at the end of the month and been shocked at how it skyrocketed randomly. With the WeMo Insight app, you can enter your energy rate (i.e. $.08 kWh) and it monitors the energy usage. It will even give you estimates on how much you will spend per month using the device. This is a really fun feature to try out around the house–you can quickly see what appliances are costing you the most! The app also encourages you to go green by educating you and helping you naturally cut back your energy usage. 

wemo insight app


Hopefully the ideas in this WeMo Insight Switch review are helpful, but they are only scratching the surface. If you own Amazon Echo, then syncing and using the WeMo Insight with Amazon Echo will be a game changer. No more reaching for switches on the wall or on your phone when you can just tell Alexa to turn it on or off. WeMo Insight’s timers will automate your devices and help you focus on more important things in life.

How has the WeMo Insight made your life easier? Comment below!


    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hi Raja, thanks for the question. In my opinion I think it is worth the extra $10. I like how the insight is much more aesthetic, has the extra monitoring features and can give out notifications in usage changes. The Wemo Switch is still good but those extra things push it over the edge for me.

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