Wiser Air thermostat EcoIQ launches – and 4 more signs that smart thermostats are on the rise

The competition in the smart thermostat market is heating up. Ok, I’m sorry, I know that line is overused, but it’s just too perfect. In short: Wiser Air thermostat EcoIQ just updated, making it even smarter.

Wiser Air thermostat EcoIQ launches

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Other smart thermostats (Nest, Ecobee3 for example) require users to set target temperatures and then adjust. That’s how the thermostats “learn” their habits and comfort levels. Wiser Air’s EcoIQ is looking to overcome this annoyance by asking users to input feedback about when they are uncomfortable. The idea is it takes the guesswork out of randomly choosing a temperature. EcoIQ also lets users tell the system how much to prioritize comfort and savings to really personalize the device.

wiser air thermostat ecoiq

EcoIQ also implements weather patterns that they claim are “industry leading” but the jury’s out on how much more advanced they are compared to Ecobee3, Lyric, and others that already offer weather implementation. One of my favorite features is the ComfortBoost, which provides 15 to 60 minutes of cooling or heating. I could really see myself using this feature when my home is getting a little muggy, but not hot enough to run the air all night long.

Besides the update from Wiser Air, there are plenty of signs that the smart thermostat market is on the rise. Sure, Nest hasn’t had the best year, and even ditched their CEO. Smart thermostats have issues they need to work out, but I look at these problems like “growing pains” that come with any new technology.

Here are a few statistics showing the bright future of smart thermostats.

smart thermostats infographic


It will be interesting to see if Wiser Air thermostat EcoIQ can make a dent into the dominating Nest and other competitor brands. No matter what happens, prepare to watch the smart thermostat market grow for years to come.

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