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Set up in 2015 by Reed and Alysa Kleinman, Smart Home Solver makes it easy to research and compare the best smart home gadgets.

Our Solver is the ultimate tool for discovering which gadgets work together. In-depth comparisons and product reviews help you understand where you should spend your money to build the ultimate smart home. We skip over smart home duds so you can set up your home with only the best gadgets.

A few of our best posts for getting started include:

Buying the wrong smart home gadgets is anything but smart. It can actually make your life more frustrating.

We first discovered the serious lack of a helpful smart home website when we purchased our first connected gadget: a D-Link security camera for spying on our dog. There was no helpful information out there, and we ended up purchasing a decent camera, but perhaps not the best that money could buy.

Since Reed works as a Software Developer and Alysa is in Digital Marketing, we decided to combine our skills and start a blog about smart home tech.

From the day we started researching smart home gadgets as a small side project, it has grown into so much more.

We now have a steadily growing audience following us on social media and subscribing to our weekly emails. We have written exclusive media announcements for major brands. After just a year of reviewing products, we qualified for CES 2017 Media Passes.

It's clear that this is website is more than a hobby. We are so grateful for your support and take it seriously. That's why we keep plugging away to answer common smart home questions and help everyone: from advanced techies to smart home beginners.

Affiliate information

We don’t run any ads on this website because we think ads are annoying. This means we aren’t influenced in the products we choose to feature. We carefully review anything listed on this website to make sure our smart home comparison only has the absolute best products on the market. Since we still have to pay the bills, we are currently affiliate partners, which means we do receive a small commission if you decide to buy anything on the linked websites. This commission is at no cost to you and does not affect your prices.

Smart Home Solver is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

We currently do not write sponsored posts. In other words, no manufacturer is paying us for a biased, glowing review of their product.

This is vital to us; your trust is number one. Everything on here is our honest opinion. For more info, drop us a line.

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