In 2015, we launched a smart home blog. It started as a fun project when our baby went to sleep at night. Eventually we started uploading to YouTube and grew an audience there.

Now we work full time on Smart Home Solver. It’s a leading smart home channel, with millions of views and a second channel, Reed‘s Smart Home. This really is our dream come true and we are so appreciative of your support!

Reed Smart Home Solver

Reed Kleinman began his career as a Full-Stack Developer before devoting the same amount of time and energy into setting up basic things in Home Assistant. He is passionate about videography and always secretly has camera gear in his Amazon cart. Christopher Nolan is his hero.

Reed spends his ”relaxing” time researching how to grow Smart Home Solver. But nothing comes close to his family, and he will always pause a project to play dolls and do crafts with his three daughters. The ultimate girl dad.
-written by Aly

Aly Smart Home Solver

Aly Kleinman studied broadcast journalism in college and is way better on camera than Reed. She is also an amazing writer and would make Alexander Hamilton jealous for how fast she can write. Aly takes the technical nonsense from Reed and turn it into easy to understand videos. She is a pro.

Somehow Aly figures out a way to juggle work while also being a full time mom. At one point she had a baby, a four year old and two jobs. It’s still a mystery how she does it all. If Aly is not running, playing the piano, or watching The Office, she is planning a fun vacation.
-written by Reed