Build a smart home

Looking to build a smart home? Maybe you don't even know where to begin...

Well, these playlists are here to help!

Our videos are organized below into playlists. If the first video doesn't help you, then just skip ahead to the next one.

Scroll down to whatever level you are at, and start learning how to build your perfect smart home!

Getting started

If you're wanting to learn the basics to get started with smart homes and voice assistants, these videos will help.

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Adding a hub

After you get going, adding a hub is one of the next steps to taking things more seriously.

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Deeper dives

These are some of my best tips for leveling up your smart home.

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Comparing to find the best

If you need some tech for your smart home, these comparisons will help you find the best products!

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How to Build a NEW Smart Home!

Building a new smart home from the ground up? Watch these!

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Light strips

Smart light strips are fun and very useful.

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Home automations for ANY platform

If you need home automation ideas, I have A LOT…

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SmartThings automations

If you use SmartThings, these videos are for you!

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Alexa automations

Here are some great Alexa home automation ideas.

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Advanced automations

If you're brave enough to use Home Assistant, these videos have some more advanced automations.

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Smart home tours

Just looking for some inspiration? These smart home tour videos are a great place to start.

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