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skybell outdoors smart security comparison

Updated: January 3, 2017

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If your indoor security camera spots someone stealing your laptop from your living room, it's difficult for any system to respond in time. Outdoors smart security can stop intruders before they even get inside.

When looking at outdoors smart security, there are a few main categories worth checking out. Smart doorbells are an ultra convenient. Instead of peaking through the blinds to see who is at your door, smart doorbells have built-in cameras with motion alerts. Keep an eye on all the activity at your front porch so there aren't any surprises.

Smart locks can integrate with your doorbells as well, letting you remotely unlock your front door from anywhere. You can also provide digital "keys" through the app to family and friends.

Below, we compare locks, doorbells, and security cameras for the best outdoors smart security.

Smart Locks

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Price Compatibility Keypad Pros Cons Reviews
Schlage New: $153.95 Used: $144.00 Homekit version (Apple devices)
Z-wave version works with Smartthings and Wink
  • Opens/closes remotely
  • Built in alarm
  • Good compatibility with other devices
  • Keypad built in
  • Highest possible security rating with ANSI/BHMA Grade 1
  • No IFTTT
  • Need a hub to connect remotely
august door lock
August New: $193.19 Used: $154.00 Echo
Yes with extra August keypad
  • IFTTT channel and works well with other devices
  • Open remotely using HomeKit with Apple TV 3 and up, or August Connect
  • Uses existing deadbolt, easy install
  • A keypad is extra money
Kwikset Kevo New: $114.99 Used: $119.99 >Ring doorbell
Honeywell Thermostats
Android Wear
SkyBell HD
  • Good compatibility with other devices
  • eKeys can be sent to open door
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Need a Kevo Plus to open remotely
  • No keypad
Kwikset Premis New: $197.50 Used: $138.25 Homekit Yes
  • Open remotely using HomeKit with Apple TV 3 and up
  • Keypad built in
  • Secure screen. Optional feature to type two random numbers before pin to randomize fingerprints
  • No IFTTT
  • Doesn't work on Android phones
Yale Assure Lock New: $299.95 Used: n/a Z-Wave (with network module)
Soon to work with HomeKit with new network module
  • Opens/closes remotely with Z-Wave module
  • 9V Battery back-up
  • Keypad built in
  • No IFTTT
  • Need a network module to work remotely but the plus side is that it's upgradeable

Doorbell cameras

Price Compatibility Pros Cons Reviews
ring doorbell
Ring New: $99.99 Used: n/a Wink
Kevo Doorlock
  • Open Kevo from Ring app
  • Night vision
  • 180 deg field of view
  • Optional battery power source
  • Monthly fee for video review
  • Can be glitchy
august doorbell cam
August Doorbell Cam New: $80.00 Used: n/a August Doorlock
  • Easily open August Door Lock
  • HD image quality
  • 140 deg field of view
  • No night vision
  • Download video not available yet
  • Only works with mechanical chimes
skybell hd
SkyBell HD New: $147.99 Used: $129.49 Echo
  • Open Kevo from SkyBell app
  • Free video recording and downloading
  • Quiet mode
  • Night vision
  • 180 deg field of view
  • Works with mechanical and digital chimes
  • none

Outdoor Cameras

Price Compatibility Storage Pros Cons Reviews
canary all in one home monitoring
Arlo Pro New: $193.19 Used: $154.00 Echo,
Free cloud storage (7 days of history)
  • Weather proof
  • 720p HD
  • 130 deg field of view
  • Motion activated recording
  • Rechargeable batteries or power outlet
  • Two way sound
  • 7 day video playback for up to 5 devices for free
  • Base station required
canary all in one home monitoring
Canary Flex New: $114.99 Used: $119.99 Wink Free cloud storage (24 hours of shared history)

pay for longer history.
  • Weather proof
  • 720p HD
  • Motion activated recording
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Many mounting options, easy to hide
  • 4G Verizon backup available
  • 113 deg field of view
  • Two way sound not available yet
  • No IFTTT
Nest Outdoor Camera
Nest Outdoor New: $153.95 Used: $144.00 Nest Thermostat, IFTTT Requires a Nest subscription to watch history
  • 1080p HD
  • Continuous recording from no batteries
  • Detects people (not dogs/branches)
  • Two way sound
  • Night vision
  • Only works up to 104 deg temperature
  • Nest subscription
Netatmo Presence camera
Netatmo Presence New: $80.00 Used: n/a IFTTT Local microSD, Dropbox free cloud storage, or FTP server
  • 1080p HD
  • Motion-detection floodlight
  • Minimalist design blends in
  • Camera can tell the difference between people and pets
  • Alert zones
  • Night vision
  • No speaker for two-way talk
  • Limited smart home compatibility
Kuna New: $99.99 Used: n/a Apple HomeKit Free 2 hour look back, download 3 videos a month. More for monthly fee
  • 720p HD
  • Motion activated recording
  • Loud alarm
  • Two way sound
  • Paid plan needed
  • Limited smart home integration
  • Sometimes reports of slow alerts
  • No IFTTT

For our recommendations and further outdoors smart security comparison, see the articles below.

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