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Updated: February 20, 2017

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Spy on your pets. Look out for intruders. Yell at the kids. Security cameras have plenty of purposes, but which one is worth the money? Our Best Wireless Security Camera 2017 comparison will help you decide.

These security cameras are completely wireless. While they might plug into the wall, they don't require any hardwires for home monitoring—they connect wireless to your WiFi. This makes DIY set up a breeze. Just plug it in, download the app, and follow the steps to connect it to your WiFi network.

Sorting through wireless security cameras is usually a huge mess that takes hours, but buying an unknown camera is risky.

If you've heard about wireless security cameras on the news, it was probably a terrifying story about how they can be easily hacked. It's certainly no secret that these cameras are susceptible to their own security vulnerabilities, which is horrifying for parents, homeowners, and just about everyone. But strong camera brands have never been hacked due to their strong protection. Buying devices with superior security is essential, which is why we included rankings for each camera's security below.

You will also want to keep an eye out for which cameras charge monthly fees for cloud storage. When you are setting up your own DIY system, there is no reason why you should have to pay fees for storage. Plenty of cameras offer local SD storage or generous free cloud storage.

Looking for outdoor cameras? Head to our outdoor comparison.

As you'll notice below, some of these cameras are simple, while others come with advanced features you wouldn't expect, like sirens and air quality monitoring.

Wireless security cameras start around $40 for the basic wireless cameras—although even those come with motion detection alerts and night vision. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can get advanced home monitoring cameras with sirens, weather updates, and plenty of other enticing features. Read our best wireless security camera 2017 comparison below for more details.

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Best Wireless Security Camera 2017: Best High End Cameras

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Price Compatibility Quality Storage Security Pros Cons Reviews
piper home security
Piper nv
New: n/a Used: n/a Alexa
(via IFTTT)
1080p Free cloud storage (100 clips, 35 secs each) 9/10
  • 105-db siren
  • No fees
  • Motion activated recording
  • Connect door sensors via Z-Wave.
  • Auto-rearms
  • No SD card options
  • Software connection issues, requiring manual resets
canary all in one home monitoring
New: $149.00 Used: n/a Alexa
(via Wink)
1080p Free cloud storage (24 hours of shared history)

Paid plan available
  • Motion activated recording
  • Siren 90+dB
  • Monitors air quality, temperature and humidity
  • False alarms
arlo q security camera
Arlo Q
New: Too low to display Used: $120.00 Alexa
1080p Free cloud storage (7 days of history) 8/10
  • Motion activated recording
  • 24/7 continuous recording
  • Two-way talk
  • 130° view
  • Activity zones and night vision
  • PoE available
  • No SD card storage
arlo security camera
Arlo Wire Free
New: $69.95 Used: n/a Alexa
720p Free cloud storage (7 days of history) 8/10
  • Weatherproof
  • Motion activated recording
  • Uses batteries, great for outdoors
  • View 4 streams simultaneously
  • No sound, only video
  • Batteries have to be replaced/recharged about once a month
netatmo welcome wireless camera
Netatmo Welcome
New: $159.99 Used: $128.50 None yet 1080p Included microSD

Dropbox cloud

FTP compatible
Unknown security
  • 130° field of view
  • Facial recognition for loved ones and strangers
  • Motion recording
  • Alarm detection notification
  • Facial recognition has poor reviews
  • No IFTTT or smart home compatibility
logi circle security camera
Logi Circle
New: $88.00 Used: $82.99 None yet 1080p Only cloud storage

24 hours free; paid plans available
  • Watch a daily 30 second timelapse
  • Portable and rechargable. Can be unplugged up to 12 hours
  • No motion sensitivity settings
  • No panning
  • No SD card option
dropcam pro security camera
Dropcam Pro
New: $65.99 Used: $49.99 Nest
720p Only cloud storage

10 day history - $100 a year
  • Two way sound
  • Motion alerts, text and email
  • Video safe in the cloud
  • Have to pay for watching history
  • No pan and tilt

Our Pick: Arlo Q

It's a close call between these security cameras since they all have their own strong features. If we had to pick a favorite wireless security camera, it's the Arlo Q. It has generous free cloud storage and records continuously 24/7 so you don't miss anything. Its compatability with Alexa and IFTTT make it great for smart home automation. Since it works with SmartThings hub, you can connect it to many more devices, including door and window sensors. The Arlo app and cameras are reliable enough to justify the high cost.

A few runner-up options include the Netatmo Welcome if you want flexible storage, and Canary if you want a camera with a siren and air quality monitor.

arlo q best wireless security camera 2017

Best Wireless Security Camera 2017: Best Budget Cameras

Price Compatibility Quality Storage Security Pros Cons Reviews
Amcrest ProHD
Amcrest ProHD
New: n/a Used: n/a None yet 1080p Internal micro-SD card

4 hours free cloud storage
  • Motion activated recording
  • Pan and tilt
  • Two way sound
  • Email alerts
  • Some users have issues setting it up
  • No support for Google Chrome
vimtag security camera
Vimtag 361
New: n/a Used: n/a None yet 720p Internal mini-SD card

No cloud
  • Pan and tilt
  • Two way sound
  • Motion alerts
  • No text or email alerts
  • SD card is less secure than cloud if stolen
zmodo pivot
Zmodo Pivot
New: $66.00 Used: $56.98 None yet 1080p 16 GB built-in storage 8/10
  • 360° rotation
  • Motion alerts
  • 2 window sensors included
  • Reads temp & humidity
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • No siren
  • Slight delay for recording on motion
  • No tilt
blink wireless security camera
Blink 3-pack
New: $229.99 Used: n/a Alexa
720p Free cloud storage up to 2 hours 6/10
  • Completely wireless via 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Motion recording
  • Low-light illumination
  • Batteries need replacing
  • Only records for 10 second intervals
foscam security camera
Foscam FI9831P
New: $42.99 Used: $32.10 None yet 1280x960 (slightly better than 720p) Internal mini-SD card

No cloud
Unknown security
  • Pan and tilt
  • Two way sound
  • Motion alerts
  • No optical zoom
  • SD card is less secure than cloud if stolen
d-link security camera
D-Link DCS-932L
New: $89.99 Used: $58.98 None yet 480p No storage Unknown security
  • Motion alerts
  • No pan and tilt
  • No way of recording
  • One way sound (listen)

Our Pick: Amcrest ProHD

If we had to pick a favorite inexpensive security camera out of our Best Wireless Security Camera 2017 comparison, it would probably be the Amcrest. It has the features you need: a reasonable pricetag, HD quality, zoom/pan, video recording on an SD card, free cloud storage, and exceptional Amazon reviews to top it all off. The other cameras listed above are also excellent, depending on your budget and desired features. Read our full Amcrest ProHD review to see more details about this wireless security camera.

amcrest prohd

Common Questions

Is cloud storage or local SD card storage better?

It all depends on your preferences. If someone breaks into your home and takes the security camera, they will take the SD card with it, leaving you without the incriminating footage to turn over to the police. Storing videos in the cloud solves this issue since the videos are separate from the hardware.

But cloud storage has its own drawbacks. Many times, it isn't free, or only limited storage is included for free. Even if cloud storage is free, manufacturers can always change their mind and begin charging a monthly fee, with customers feeling trapped since they already bought the camera. Or if the company goes out of business, your camera might not save videos at all without the company servers.

The ideal option is a mix of both. Arlo (with the new base station), Netatmo, and Amcrest all offer both options. Although if you prefer only cloud or SD card storage and your perfect camera offers it, it might not make a difference in the end.

How did you determine security rankings?

In our Best Wireless Security Camera 2017 comparison, we didn’t give any cameras listed above a perfect score on security. Technically, nothing is completely unhackable, and we don’t want to give you the idea that some cameras are entirely safe. The security of any camera depends heavily on your personal network and passwords; if someone can hack your router, then they have potential to access everything connected to it.

Cameras with our highest rating (9/10) have ongoing third-party audits to ensure security, in addition to AES encryption and other security measures. We rated security cameras an 8/10 if they had AES encryption and other security measures, but didn’t mention auditing.

Cameras ranked 7 and below have some level of security, but not AES encryption. Lower ratings do not necessarily mean they are less secure, it just means that the manufacturer makes it more difficult to find details about the security. Those marked “unknown security” made it too difficult to find their security information online, so proceed at your own risk. Companies that don't prioritize security are more likely to have vulnerabilities.

While nothing is hack-proof (including your phone, printer, DVR, and laptop), many of the cameras above offer excellent security and have never had security compromises due to unsecured software. Follow our links above to the Amazon pages for each site to see how other users rate the product's security. We also linked to security details on each manufacturer's website for more detailed information.

best wireless security camera 2017

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