Arlo Outdoor Mount Options: Flexible Camouflage Skins and Mounts

Arlo Pros come out of the box very easy to install and are great cameras all around. You can put it almost anywhere, but trying to balance it on a tree branch is difficult. We got our hands on a few Arlo Pro accessories that we found very useful. The Arlo outdoor mount, in particular, is a great addition to the Arlo Pro.

Arlo Pro Skin Ghillie

Arlo Outdoor Mount

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There are a few Arlo outdoor mount and skin options that you will want to look into when installing your camera outdoors.

  • Quadpod: Flexible but sturdy mount that can be used almost anywhere.
  • Ghillie skinA super camouflage skin.
  • Outdoor secure mount: Reduces risk of theft that comes with the basic magnetic mount.
  • Silicone skinsProtect and hide your Arlo indoors or outdoors.
  • Twist mount: Hang the Arlo from a pole or a branch. Gooseneck design similar to the quadpod.
  • Suction Cup Mount: Stick the Arlo to a window for no wall damage.

We tried out the quadpod, ghillie skin, and silicone skins hands-on, and have more details and images of these below.

Quadpod Mount

Arlo Pro Quadpod MountArlo Pro Quadpod Mount

The Quadpod Mount is flexible like a Gorillapod, but more versatile for the Arlo Pro. It can bend into a tripod or it can wrap around a tree branch tightly. This provides more options to place the Arlo and can avoid drilling unnecessary holes in the wall. The Quadpod allows you to place Arlo Pro anywhere, but here are a few examples of how it comes in handy.

Kitchen Cabinets

A great place to put the Arlo Pro is on top of the kitchen cabinets where there usually isn’t a power outlet. Sure you could use the included mount to put the Arlo on the wall, but then you have holes to deal with later. If you decide to rest the Arlo on a flat surface on top of the cabinets you will run into another problem. The Arlo will miss stuff below because it is pointing straight.

Arlo Pro On Cabinets Arlo Pro Cabinets

Placing the Quadpod Mount on the cabinets makes it so the Arlo can sit high enough and point down. This will provide a much better angle to view your home.

Arlo Pro Cabinets

In a Tree

A front or back yard tree can be a perfect spot for an Arlo Pro. The camera can be well hidden in a tree and cover different angles of your house. The four legs of the Quadpod can wrap around a tree branch and keep the Arlo secure from falling.

The Quadpod surprised us in how well it did in our tree. The silicone material makes it really grippy and the legs were long enough to wrap around a large branch. The legs were also very strong so we had no worries that the Arlo would fall out of the tree.

Ghillie Skin

The Ghillie skin reminds me of a sniper all decked out in the jungle. This is a good thing because the Ghillie skin does a great job at hiding the Arlo Pro, which is important to prevent theft or tamper by intruders. Here is a picture of the Arlo Pro in our tree with the Ghillie skin. Can you spot it?

Arlo Pro Tree Hidden

Here’s a zoomed-in look.

arlo outdoor mount

Silicone Skins

Adding a silicone skin is a great way to protect and hide your Arlo. We covered the Arlo Pro skins previously and have really liked using the skins. They are not expensive and can really make a difference in blending the Arlo into its surroundings, especially since Arlo cameras are bright white and can easily stand out.

Arlo Pro Accessories

Since the Arlo is so popular there are plenty of things you can add. What Arlo outdoor mount accessories do you prefer for your Arlo? Let us know in the comments below!