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Hey there! Thanks for all of your support on our videos. The nice emails we receive from all of you is more than we could ever imagine. We try to read every single email to inform our future videos!

⚠️ Before emailing us, please read through this! ⚠️

We are a small team, literally just me and Aly. Since we receive and read through so many emails, it’s simply impossible to respond to every one… as much as we honestly wish we could!

To save you the hassle of emailing and not getting the expected response, here are some things that might help.

Have a smart home question? Your best chance at getting a response is to comment your question on my latest video, right when it goes live. You can subscribe and hit the bell notification to be alerted the moment when a video is live. I try to answer as many questions as possible the first few hours after a new video is published.

Want us to consult? Right now we don’t offer consulting since we are 100% focused on making the best content possible. It’s something we may consider in the future, but because of time limitations it’s not possible right now.

Looking to sponsor us? You can send an offer, but we are extremely selective since we’re focused on content creation at the moment.

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