Amazon Echo vs Tap vs Dot vs Look vs Show: Compare Amazon Devices using 1 Infographic

Alexa is not slowing down. With two new devices just announced, Amazon is putting Alexa in much more than just the Echo. There are now five Amazon Alexa devices. It’s getting a little confusing, which is why we want to compare Amazon Echo vs Tap vs Dot vs Look vs Show.Amazon Echo vs Tap vs Dot vs Look vs Show

Amazon Echo vs Tap vs Dot vs Look vs Show

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All Devices:

Include the built-in Alexa assistant for asking questions, checking the weather, controlling your smart home, etc.

Have a microphone and speaker

 Can call phones or other Alexa devices. You can also receive calls.

While these devices have all of these features in common, there are a few major differences between Amazon Echo vs Tap vs Dot vs Look vs Show, as outlined below.

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo Best Smart Speaker


Strong 360° audio that fills the entire room, with separate woofers and tweeters for low and high notesamazon echo

Larger size for better audio and serving as a hub of the home


Expensive option considering what’s offered

Doesn’t have a wired connection for external speakers

Bulky and takes up a lot of room

Cannot connect to external speakers with wired connection, only Bluetooth

Bottom Line: Echo is the original speaker for Alexa, but that doesn’t automatically make it the best one. If you’re looking for strong audio, connecting to other speakers via Bluetooth, and don’t mind the large size, Amazon Echo a good pick.

Amazon Tap

echo tap


Battery powered for on-the-go use. Battery life lasts 9 hours of continuous playback or 8 hours in hands-free mode, and the device includes a charging cradle for recharging itecho tap

Connect to external speakers using Bluetooth or wired connection

Less expensive than the Amazon Echo

Provides excellent sound

Optional sling cases protect against damage


Not “always listening” by default; you need to turn this on in the settings

More expensive than Echo Dot

Not water and sand resistant, compared to competitive speakers

Bottom Line: If you want to take Alexa to your back patio, office, or outdoor party, then Amazon Tap is the best option for you. It’s greatly improved since it first came out, since you can now enable hands-free mode and don’t have to always tap it to trigger Alexa.

Echo Dot

echo dot



Lowest price of all Alexa devices

Connects to external speakers using Bluetooth or wired connectionAmazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation connected to speaker

Easily buy several Dots in a set to place Alexa throughout your home


Weak audio for music streaming

Bottom Line: If you already have strong Bluetooth speakers, buy a few Echo Dots. It’s great for the basic Alexa commands. When you want to play music, you can simply say “Alexa connect to Bluetooth” and have the music play through high-quality speakers.

Echo Lookecho look


Takes pictures or short videos on command using its included camera

Use Style Check to find which clothes to wear. This combines machine learning with advice from fashion specialists to compare and select the best outfit

LED lighting and background blur make the photos great for sharing and focusing on your clothingecho look

 Easily turn the camera off using the mic and camera off button on the side of the device


Basic audio quality; not really designed for playing music

Lacking features of the other devices, like external audio connection

Available by invitation only

Bottom Line: If you are a fashionista and want to photograph and compare your outfits hands-free, Echo Look could be the perfect niche product for you. Otherwise, Echo Show is likely a better option for those wanting an Alexa device with a camera.

Echo Show
echo show


7″ touchscreen and 5MP camera included

Touchscreen allows you to stream music lyrics, live video from Ring and Arlo security cameras, photos, YouTube videos, and moreecho show

Video calling to other Echo Show devices is available

Strong audio with two Dolby speakers


Most expensive of the devices

Bottom Line: The Echo Show is an excellent option for a home hub that can make calls, play videos, and display information. Its higher price tag is worth it for the excellent features that are offered.

I own the Echo Dot and have several family members that own the original Amazon Echo. I can see at least some purpose in each of these devices. The new Echo Show will certainly be a game-changer for those looking to purchase an Alexa device.

What’s your favorite when comparing Amazon Echo vs Tap vs Dot vs Look vs Show? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Sheen Hunter

    I love your review and clear comparison chart. I have had everything of Amazon’s Alexa devices and agree with all your notes. The Look was fun, but wasn’t worth the price for the underdeveloped app and low quality asthetic and sound. I did return the (by invite only) Look device after 3 months. The Echo is not one I am willing to give up for the sound quality is just the best! I might be replacing my grandmother’s CD and radio for her soon for Alexa to live with her. And even though I have the Show now, it is close in comparison and they play well together on duel Bluetooth with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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