How to Allow IFTTT Applets Only to Run at Certain Times

If you are like me, then you have been wondering how to allow IFTTT applets to only run at a certain time.

For example: turn on lights with a motion sensor, but only when it’s at night. It is possible to do this and I will show you how.

First, head over to the IFTTT Platform at this link: Here you can create applets with extra functionality.

In this article, I will show you how to turn on a light bulb with a Wyze Sense motion sensor, but only between 8 pm and 5 am. Of course, you can change out the devices and times for whatever you are looking to do.

To get started, click on the New Applet button.


Type in the service you want to use. In my case, I’m going to use Wyze and then I will select the Motion Sensor detects motion.

Next, it will show you a section for selecting the device. You won’t be able to select the device until you activate this applet so just move on to the next part.

Click on Add action which you will search for the service just like the trigger part. For my example, I am going to use the Smart Life service to turn on an inexpensive bulb. The next dropdown I changed it to Turn on since I’m turning on the light when it detects motion.

After adding the action, you can now turn on the filter button. Click on Add filter code to open up the area where you will be able to add the code. This will make the applet only run between 8 pm and 5 am.

Paste in the code below and I will let you know what to modify.

var currentHour = Meta.currentUserTime.hour()

if (currentHour >= 20 || currentHour < 5 ) {

// Run the applet

} else {

// Skip the action



There are only a few things you would need to change. First is the last line Smartlife.turnOn.skip() and you can find out what to replace it with on the right side under Actions.

Whatever service you are using will have a different name under Actions for you to copy and paste.

The other thing you may want to adjust is the time when you don’t want the applet to run. This is based on the 24-hour clock. 20 is 8 pm and 5 is 5 am, so if you wanted to have it run between 6 pm and 7 am you would change it to “if (currentHour >= 18 || currentHour < 7 ) {”

After you have adjusted the code, you will need to add the Applet title and description. Then click Save down at the bottom.

Once you have clicked Save you will see a link Enable it on IFTTT and click on that.

Change the slider to On. This will show the familiar screen of adding the devices to the Applet. Choose the devices and click Save.


Now it’s all set up! Enjoy your new automation that only runs at the time you want it to.


  1. Ann

    Could you show me in detail how to set up the Wyze sense with Merkury Smart Wi-Fi Plug running with geeni App? I want the motion sensor trigger the Wi-Fi Plug, so that I can plug in a Siren. Whenever a motion is detected by the motion sensor the Wi-Fi Plug will be on and supply the power to the Siren. I do not know how to set up. DO I need the IFTTT ?

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hi Ann, it doesn’t look like Merkury Smart devices work with IFTTT right now. Since it does work with Alexa then you should be able to get the Wyze Sense to work with it through that in the future. Right now Wyze Sense doesn’t connect to Google Assistant or Alexa so we will have to wait till that is available. There are plenty of inexpensive smart outlets that work with IFTTT though if you want it to work right away.

  2. Fabian Lamaestra

    Are you able to connect these sensors to any IFTTT recipe? Like are you able to connect one of the door sensors to a cookie jar so that when you lift the lid it sends an SMS message to a specific phone number?

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Fabian yes you can connect to any IFTTT recipe. So you can get an SMS message if someone opens the cookie jar!

  3. Adrian

    Is there any way for the action to trigger only if the motion has been clear for a certain time period? For example, lights turn off if motion has been clear for 10 minutes.

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Set the service to be Arlo and select detects motion. Then for the second service choose Phone Call. Here is the filter code you can use.

      var currentHour = Meta.currentUserTime.hour()

      if (currentHour >= 1 || currentHour < 6 ) { // Run the applet } else { // Skip the action PhoneCall.callMyPhone.skip() }

  4. Pablo

    Hey Reed!
    I was wondering if you could help me out. I have a Philips Hue smart bulb at the entrance hall in my house. I’ve discovered it with Alexa and I can control that light with that assistnat. I have also a Wyze motion sensor set on a wall at the entrance hall and was trying this IFTT recipe out. I want to come into the hall and have the light to turn on when the sensor detects motion. The thing is it sometimes turns on but most times it doesn’t.
    The motion sensor does see I’m moving since the Wyze app says so, but the rest of the action does not take place. The light remains off. I was wondering why could this be?
    I thought maybe another command could be stepping over this IFTT recipe? But I can’t determine what’s the problem. If you could help me out I’d be grateful. Thanks!

  5. Reed Kleinman

    Hi Pablo. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. First thing I would do is add another action to your IFTTT recipe like a notification to your phone or something. That way you can make sure that the motion is triggering the IFTTT action. If the motion sensor is triggering the IFTTT action but the light isn’t turning on then you can narrow it down to just the Hue light.

    Do you have anything else connected to your Hue lights? Like SmartThings or any other hubs?

  6. Tyler

    IS there anyway to make the time values change to sunrise/sunset times? ie make this applet only run at night?

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hi Tyler, you can just put in the hour of sunset and sunrise where you live. If the sun sets at 7 pm and sunrise is at 6 am. Instead of “currentHour >= 20 || currentHour < 5" change it to "currentHour >= 19 || currentHour < 6" because 19 is 7pm.

  7. Glenn Gallant

    I can’t seem to get any applet to run. I safe correctly and follow how to setup but can’t seem to get things to run. Is there a major setting that I could be missing?

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hi Glenn. One thing that could be happening is that you are testing it out during the day when the applet will only run at night if you used those times listed. You could try changing the time that the applet will run to include the time of day you are testing to see if that will fix it?

  8. Matias Ortega

    I want to learn how to program with iftt, your tutorial worked but i want to do it myself, not only this applet but many more

  9. Mike

    I really like the way you gave us screen shots and explanations. I set it up and it works every time with my Lutron Caseta light switch. The issue I is there is a 15-20 min. delay before it triggers. Can you give me some suggestions please? If I take the time delay out it works instantaneously.

  10. Rodrick Horne

    Hi Reed!
    I need your help. I have two Lifx smart blubs in my living room and two in my bedroom . I want my living room lights to turn on when my Wyze door sensor is opened between the hours of 7pm to 3am at 50% brightness and have them stay on for 5 mins. I would also like my Wyze motion sensor in my bedroom to cut on my lights when motion detected between the hours of 7pm to 11pm at 30% brightness and stay on for 5 mins. I haven’t been able to figure right recipe to get this to work . If you could help me I’d really appreciate it . Thank you in advance!

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hi Rodrick!
      I have looked at doing this myself just using IFTTT and I couldn’t find anything that seemed to work reliably. The best thing I was able to do is have all the automation logic be handled in SmartThings. It’s very easy to set up all of these automations you listed in SmartThings. You could also keep using your Wyze motion/contact sensors with your LIFX lights. You would just need to add Virtual Switches for your Wyze sensors. I did a video on this and once you add the Wyze sensors as individual virtual switches in SmartThings you can go crazy with all the automations you want with it. It’s just a one time set up so it’s not too much work. I wish I knew a better way to do it just in IFTTT but if you have any questions about using something like SmartThings just let me know!

  11. Jason

    Hey Reed! I’m a new subscriber to your channel. I love your videos!

    I have the wyze sensor and I’m trying to use it with the govee light strip. I can’t figure out how to make it work! I want to have the strip lights come on under the bed when I get up in the night. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hey Jason! Thanks for subscribing and I’m glad to hear you like the videos!

      Right now Govee doesn’t work with IFTTT. It’s really annoying that they don’t. Since most Govee light strips work with Alexa there may be a way to do it in the future if Wyze Sense becomes compatible with Alexa.

      I have some Govee lights plugged into the back of my TV and to automate them I have them plugged into a smart plug that is IFTTT compatible. The Govee lights change colors to start up which behind the TV look pretty cool. I don’t know if that would work for you under the bed though.

  12. Wayne Raisbeck

    Hi Reed,
    Your tutorial has set me in motion trying to solve a proble of my own but as yet, I can’t work it out – any pointers?
    I have a smart life door switch and an ewelink controlled switch.
    What I want to do is at 8:30pm check if the door is open and if so, activate the switch.
    I can set the time as the trigger and the action id easy but the filter in the middle I just cant work out.
    I found the java names by setting the door switch as the trigger and it shows these two pieces –
    Trigger data

    The device name is “back garage” (in the app)
    Can you point me in the right direction? None of the examples I can find have anything to do with checking the status of a sensor as a filter.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hi Graham. I just went through it on a new user account to test it and everything seemed to work. Make sure to enable and follow the steps in the article. If you are still running into issues then comment what is the URL you are on and what the error is and I can try to help.

    1. Reed Kleinman

      Hi Carman. You can only make applets that are private to your account for the free tier. So you can use them but I think you need a premium account to publish applets to be public for others to use it.

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