Schlage Sense vs Connect vs Encode Smart Lock Comparison

There are plenty of reasons to get a smart lock.

Maybe you hate carrying keys while running, need guest access codes for your AirBnB, or don’t want the extra cost of replacing keys for renters.

Schlage is one of the leading door lock brands, and now they sell some of the best smart locks as well. We wanted to compare Schlage Sense vs Connect vs Encode smart locks to help you figure out which one to buy.

schlage sense schlage sense vs connect schlage encode lock

Schlage Sense left, Schlage Connect middle, Schlage Encode right.

While they look very similar, their smart home integration is the key difference between both locks.

The short version?

Schlage Sense works with HomeKit for controlling your lock using Siri. Schlage Connect is designed for Alexa and Z-Wave integration. Schlage Encode is a WiFi lock that doesn’t require a hub.schlage encode review

Buying the right lock is essential since if you get one that doesn’t work with your set up, you will feel a little stuck.

We’ll dive into these differences and their similarities as well.

Schlage Sense vs Connect

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First, there are quite a few similarities between Schlage Sense, Connect, and Encode. Let’s take a look.

All 3 smart locks have…

An illuminated touchscreen for typing in your passcode – this is great for gaining access when you don’t have your phone or want to let in guests

Battery operation on 4 AA batteries, plus a low battery warning

Up to 30 access codes, so you can give codes to guests, housekeepers, etc. Note that Schlage Encode has a higher limit, with up to 100 access codes.

Compatibility with Android and iOS phones and devices.

amazon echo dot v3 heather gray Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility (though Sense and Connect require you to pair with a home automation hub like SmartThings or Wink)

Alerts for forced entry or lock tampering using the built-in alarm sensors

Lifetime limited warranties for both the mechanical parts and finish

Grade 1 highest residential security rating for extra lock strength

Activity notifications when people come and go

Simple installation. The locks install just like any deadbolt, except for the additional steps of getting it working with a hub by downloading the app and syncing.

Several finishes and trims available, for the color and shape that you prefer on your home. Schlage also sells matching entry handles and levers in each of their finishes, so that your front door can look impressive and have a consistent aesthetic.

Overall, a similar look and design. Schlage Sense, Connect, and Encode all have a high quality look, with light-up number keypads and hardware that looks impressive. The Encode’s interior is smaller, but otherwise they look quite similar.

Schlage Sense features

schlage sense

Apple HomeKit compatible. This means Schlage Sense can be controlled by Siri and within Apple’s Home app. This is a big deal because there are limited number of gadgets and smart locks that work with Apple devices due to its strict security.

 Works remotely if an updated iPad or Apple TV 3rd gen or higher are in the home and within 40 feet of the lock. The iPad will need to stay at the house since it will act as your lock’s hub. You can turn it into a hub within the settings.

Also can work remotely using a WiFi Adapter, which plugs into any outlet. This is a decent option if you don’t have a HomeKit hub set up. If you install the WiFi adapter rather than another hub, you will use the Schlage Sense app to control the lock, and also connect the lock to Alexa.

Does not work with SmartThings or other hubs. If you want to build your smart home within these hubs and platforms, do not buy Schlage Sense. It’s mainly designed for HomeKit use.

Schlage Connect features

Schlage Connect Touch Screen

Works with Alexa. Unlike Schlage Sense which works with Siri, Connect is designed for control using Amazon Alexa. If you use Alexa to automate your home, this could be a great lock for you. HomeKit and Siri do not work with Schlage Connect.

Z-Wave compatible. Z-Wave is a radio protocol that allows all devices within the network to communicate with one another, creating a mesh-like smart home system. This lets you to connect your lock with other Z-Wave smart home devices, which are all controlled with a smart home hub like SmartThings.

For example, you can have your Z-Wave lightbulbs turn on and the thermostat turn up when your door is unlocked since you are home for the day. There are also Z-Wave door and motion sensors to set up a security system with this lock.

Typically less expensive than Schlage Sense (check Amazon links above for the latest prices).

Only works remotely when paired with third-party hub or alarm system, i.e. SmartThings, Vera, or Wink Hub. You cannot use the WiFi adapter for Schlage Connect.

This also means that there is no native Schlage app for controlling your lock and setting door codes, so you’ll need to get pretty comfortable controlling it through Wink or SmartThings.

Schlage Encode features

schlage encode

WiFi lock, no hub required. Schlage Encode has WiFi, so it works on its own directly out of the box. Unlike Sense and Connect, which require a hub of some kind, Encode works on its own using the Schlage Home app. This is more simple to use and requires less hardware plugged into your router.

Works remotely. Lock or unlock your Schlage Encode from anywhere. Since the lock uses WiFi, it doesn’t require a hub for remote controls.

 Smaller and quieter. Schlage Encode is smaller than the other locks, so it takes up less space on the inside of your door. It also locks and unlocks more quietly, while the other locks make more of a grinding noise.

 Does not work with SmartThings or IFTTT. Since the lock has WiFi, it’s designed to work on its own without requiring a Z-Wave hub. If you want to automate your lock within SmartThings, then this isn’t the option for you.

 Shorter battery life. While the other locks have an estimated battery life of 12 months, Schlage Encode will only last you around 6 months. This is because the lock uses WiFi instead of a hub.

Which One to Buy

Any one of these smart locks is a good buy, but it really just comes down to your preferences and set up.

Schlage Connect appears to be the choice for more smart home users since it has far more Amazon reviews compared to Schlage Sense.

schlage connect

The Schlage Connect lock works with Alexa, SmartThings, and other hubs to automate with Z-Wave devices. This makes it a great choice for most smart homes.

We purchased Connect for our Schlage Connect review. We liked it so much that we bought it again when we moved homes. After using it for years, it’s been an excellent, reliable lock that has all of the features we need.

The lock is easily controlled and managed within our SmartThings app. You can see how it works within the app in our YouTube video.

Schlage Encode is the newer option. With its smaller size and quieter functionality, it feels like an update. The lock is the only one that comes in a sleek matte black design, which we love.

Encode is ideal for those who want a WiFi lock that works remotely, without the hassle of a smart home hub. Its price tag is a little higher, but it has the high quality look and security of the other Schlage locks. It’s also easier to use since WiFi is built right in.

Schlage Sense is still a great option, though.

If you are an Apple lover with an iPhone/iPad and you’re committed to using HomeKit, then this is your pick.

Having Siri unlock your door with Schlage Sense is impressive and easy to use. HomeKit has a great interface and is known for its strong security. While Sense has less reviews since it’s more of a specialty lock, it still has mostly positive ratings.

Other Smart Locks

Schlage Locks

schlage encode

Another similar option is the Schlage Touch. It’s the least expensive lock but also has fewer features. It’s Grade 2 certified for residential locks and doesn’t have remote access, smart home connections, or alarm technology.

We recommend paying a little more to go with Schlage Sense, Connect, or Encode, since these can grow as you add more smart home devices.

Other Brands

nest x yale

Kwikset, August, Yale, and other manufacturers also make excellent smart locks not to overlook. Our full comparison table will show you the latest prices, reviews, compatibility, and other features of different smart locks.

Another main option is the Nest x Yale lock, which works within the Nest app. We compared Nest x Yale vs Schlage Sense vs Schlage Encode to help you decide between those locks.

We also compared Kwikset vs Schlage vs August, which has a ton of information that will be helpful as you shop for a smart lock.

What’s your smart lock of choice between Schlage Sense vs Connect and others? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Steve

    I bought this lock, sense, because mistakenly as it turns out, its smart.
    Twenty first century, everyone and everything is uses WiFi.
    Well, apparently not, schlage sense (No sense) still exists in the technical dark ages.
    Seriously, get with it you idiots!
    That isn’t the only fault either!
    The metal with the female thread, in the touch pad assembly is to soft, consequently when the screws, which are a harder metal, are aligned cross threading is too easy.
    It’s not weather proof, so external doors exposed to Sun or rain …just don’t.
    Battery life? Note the question mark.
    I should go on but I’ve wasted money and time.
    I have owned an electronic lock for a decade, was amazing, shame about the SMART generation of locks.

  2. Lorraine

    Does the BE375 keyless keypad Camelot or Century deadbolt work with any smart devices? Or apps? Or is there any kind of add on that would enable this? I’m actually hoping there isn’t. I’ve had both and both have been compromised without any signs of overt entry (like drilling the hole in the bottom). It’s like a ghost is opening the locks. Please let me know if there is a way to get to the spring without drilling or covert entry. Thank you , Lorraine

  3. Chris

    I’ve had the Camelot Connect w/z-wave for 3-4 years. 5 of them. Had problems 1st year but they replaced and fixed the random hang and low battery life. For the past 2+ years I get more than 1-year use of batteries (Duracell Red or new black ones) and they are all exposed to harsh outside temps and direct sun over 100 degrees or 5-15 degrees. Have not faded, turned color or Any problems of Any kind, programming, mechanical and especially security against hackers, etc. Penetration tests show they’re well engineered from a cyber perspective as well. The guy above comments must only apply to the Sense bc they absolutely do not apply to the connect. Schlage was way ahead and forward thinking when they first introduced these and I hope they put more $ and engineering into more smart security technologies. This have always been the highest security rated smart locks , 2 or 1. The others are now coping or catching up. I’ve been 100% happy with mine and Schlage support. Rare for me bc as an engineer I find fault, critique and improve and it’s never good enough.

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