19 Creative Philips Hue Ideas You Will Want to Try in Your Home

Whether you want to throw a disco party or match your lights to the TV, Philips Hue has so many lighting options and apps to customize your home. We gathered our favorite Philips Hue ideas to help you brainstorm some options for taking your home to the next level.

19 Philips Hue Ideas

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Make your own Death Star

Combine with an Ikea lamp to make your ultimate Star Wars lighting. Just keep an eye on the main reactor…

Launch a disco party

Using a third-party app like the Hue Disco app, you can turn your home into a full rave and have the lights change to the music.

Change your lights with the weather

Automate your lights using IFTTT (If This Then That) to have the lights turn blue when it rains. You can also time your lights to turn on at sunset.

Control your lights at your bedside

Using the Hue Tap or Hue dimmer switch with its removable remote, you can turn off the lights with a quick tap. These are also great at the entrance of bedrooms and living rooms as versatile wall switches because you can program them with a few of your favorite presets.

hue light switch  hue dimmer switch

Connect with XBOX One

If you’re a gamer, Philips Hue can really enhance your experience by connecting to your XBOX. The game Chariot is specifically programmed to interact with your Hue lights while you play. Another option is to use a screen capture program like Bandicam to take screenshots every few seconds. The strongest colors on the screen are then sent to your Hue lights. While similar Philips Hue ideas work with movies or TV, the XBOX integration is great for gamers.

Show your team pride

Change the colors of your lights to match your favorite sports team. This makes your gathering the most festive sports party ever.

Control other smart home devices

Using different apps to control smart lights and devices is usually a huge smart home annoyance. In the Lightbow app, you can easily control LIFX, Hue, and other bulbs, along with WeMo smart outlets.

Integrate with Kodi for your home theater

If you’re familiar with Kodi, you know it’s open source software for managing media files and setting up your home theater. Kodi has a Philips Hue addon that can integrate your lights with your TV. The two modes are ambilight and theater. Ambilight matches the colors on the screen, while theater mode dims the lights once you start a movie or TV show, and turns the lights back on after the show is stopped.

Set up great bias lightinghue bloom smartthings

Hue Bloom and Iris are both designed to light up a wall. One of the best areas for this kind of home lighting is behind your TV. These lights make excellent bias lighting to add to the mood and functionality of your home theater.
Philips Hue bias lighting

Notifications you can’t miss

Using IFTTT or Tasker, you can have your lights turn red or flash when you have a missed call, text message, or are tagged in a photo on Facebook. You can even specify the notifications so the lights only change when you receive an email from a VIP.

Install unique hanging lights or desk lamps

When you think of smart lights, you probably think of standard smart bulbs. But Hue actually offers a variety of desk lights, recessed downlights, and hanging lamps under the Hue Phoenix brand. The Hue Beyond lamp actually has layers where you can shine two different colors for a very unique look.

philips hue phoenix lamp Hue pendant light

Get cooking reminders

If you’re the kind of person who is constantly burning food, have your lights remind you when the food is finished. Ask Alexa to set a timer for however long the food needs to cook. Then set up an IFTTT applet to have all of your Hue lights flash when your Alexa timer is finished. Even if your food is cooking upstairs, the flashing lights will remind you that dinner is ready downstairs.

Light up your kitchen

Using the Philips Hue light strips, make your kitchen look stunning by illuminating areas around your kitchen cabinets. Light strips look cool anywhere in the home, but we especially love them in the kitchen. It really accents your kitchen’s white space, especially since it’s the area where most people host guests. This is one of the Philips Hue ideas that anyone could agree looks stunning.

Create a Hue widget in your phone

If you have an iOS device, you can create a widget directly within the Hue app. Select an icon for the widget and specify which bulbs you want as part of the widget. Then add it to the top of your dropdown menu. Android users can create a widget by downloading it separately. After the widgets are set up, you can control Hue lights without even opening up the app.

Automate your lights with motion

Never forget to turn off your lights again. The Hue motion sensor automatically turns your lights on when motion is sensed and off after motion stops. Mount or place it in a garage and have your lights turn on when you pull in. Alternatively, place it in the hallway to have your lights turn on for guests who get up in the middle of the night.

philips hue motion sensor

Make your movies realistic

Download the third-party app Huey to have your lights change colors with movies or TV shows. Great for getting fully immersed in what you are watching, or just showing off to visitors. The Ambience Chrome extension also integrates your Hue lights with Hulu, Netflix, and others.

Smart Thermostat Nest

Let Nest control your lights

Nest thermostats and Hue lights work together. Since Nest’s technology learns when you are home and away, you can use this to automatically turn your lights on and off.

Use SmartThings for complete control

By integrating the Samsung SmartThings hub, you can get Hue lights working with many other devices with just one touch. For example, pair your Hue lights with your smart TV and Bose speaker. When you get home, use the SmartThings app to turn all of the devices on at once. This is one of my favorite Philips Hue ideas because it makes your smart home much easier to manage.

Take Hue Go anywhere

This small, battery-powered light is great for outdoor events. Kids will love bringing this little light out on the porch. Just like the rest of the Hue lights, it syncs with music and has 16 million colors.

hue go

Have Alexa trigger specific scenes

While you may think the only commands you can tell Alexa are to “turn the lights to 50%,” there are plenty of additional commands using IFTTT. After integrating the IFTTT applet, just say, “Alexa, trigger ____ scene.” Hue already makes it easy to create and browse scenes within their app, and voice commands only make it easier to control.

What are your favorite Philips Hue ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

philips hue ideas

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